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RC 14001 is a Technical Specification of the American Chemistry Council (ACC). The ACC has adapted their long standing Responsible Care Program to incorporate all ISO 14001 Standard requirements. Responsible Care®-14001 (RC®-14001) gives chemical companies a powerful new tool to improve their environmental performance. This environmental management system (EMS) helps chemical and allied industries continually improve their environmental performance, standardize and certify environmental improvement practices, and expand their EMSs to include health and safety, product stewardship, and communications programs.



Chemical and allied industries with existing management systems are the most natural candidates for RC®-14001. Within that group, the businesses with the most hazardous chemicals are most likely to feel a sense of urgency in upgrading to RC® – 14001. By upgrading existing Responsible Care® programs to RC® – 14001, companies can add depth, rigor, and credibility. Conversely, by upgrading existing ISO 14001 EMSs to RC®-14001, organizations can add openness and breadth to their management system in the following ways:

  • An expanded aspect/impact assessment process
  • Required proactive outreach to the host community
  • Environmental performance reporting to stakeholders
  • Required emphasis on upstream supplier issues and downstream customers
  • Qualification, training, and review of contractors, transporters, and other service providers

The increasing popularity of ISO 14001 demonstrates that any orga-nization or business area can ben-efit from the positive impulses con-tained in such an application. ISO 14001 is a powerful management tool for the improvement of opera-tional environmental protection in any business sector, from services industry to machine engineering. Due to their own positive experi-ences, many ISO 14001 certified companies are asking their suppliers for this kind of certification in turn, particularly in the area of automo-tive supply.


Services related to RC14001 Training

RC 14001 Auditor Training and Certification:

The training content covers the following topics:

  • Overview
  • Specification Description
  • Auditing Guidelines for Pre-Assessment, Registration and Surveillance Assessments
  • Certification Methodology
  • Certification Requirements
  • Corporate Office Assessments and On-site Assessments
  • Audit Reporting Methodology

RC 14001 Implementation Workshop:

  • Code Linkages: Salient Features of effective environmental, health & safety management system (EHSMS)
  • The Requirements: RC14001 and RCMS Technical Specifications Requirements
  • The Policy: Responsible Care® Policy Development and Deployment Strategies
  • Risk Assessment: RC 14001 Aspects and Impacts and RCMS risk assessment
  • Planning: Identification of legal and other requirements, Objective Identification and Deployment and Program Development for Achieving Objectives
  • Measurement and Review: Program Monitoring, Internal Auditing and Management Review
  • Implementation: Tying it all together
  • Certification: Insight into certification processes and Auditor Perspective
  • Future Planning Steps
  • Interactive Sessions:
    • Interactive Session 1: Policy, Objectives and Program Planning
    • Interactive Session 2: Aspect and Impact Identification and Risk Assessment
    • Interactive Session 3: Monitoring Methodologies
    • Interactive Session 4: Internal Auditing Techniques

Faculty: Accredited RC 14001 Auditor and Trainer.


Services related to RC14001 Assessment

Gap Assessments: Gap assessments are performed to determine the current status of the EMS System that has been implemented.

Preliminary Assessment: Rehearsal audit of site to determine preparedness for the registration audit. The output of the assessment is recorded in form of a written report for your guidance.

Strategic Reviews: The evaluation of system to facilitate planning for Certification.

Certification or Registration Assessment: Registration assessment determines the compliance to RC 14001 and its conclusion leads to recommendation regarding certification.

Surveillance, Advancement or Continuous Assessments: To verify continued conformance to the RC 14001 Technical Specification.

Integrated audits:With our pool of multi-tasking auditors, we can provide you service for integrated assessments to take the best possible advantage of synergies between ISO 9000 and RC 14001 systems. Additional other standards may be combined in this process as needed such as OHSAS 18001 for occupational health and safety.

Auditor Qualification:Our RC 14001 auditors are highly qualified ISO 14001 auditors with substantial experience in both environmental and health and safety management systems. In addition, all have successfully been trained and qualified for RC 14001 audits by the American Chemistry Council.

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